Get Romantic This Valentines Day with Mobile Suit Gundam Chocolates

My Gundam Unicorn is at full excitement from these chocolates

Love is in the air, and if the person you’re with knows you at all, they’ll know that mediocrity is never the status quo. And if you have a hardcore mecha collector in your life, the only chocolates to get for them come with Gundam symbols, robots, and guns.

These incredibly romantic chocolates cost $17.13 and can be ordered today from HobbyLink Japan. And if they arrive after Valentine’s Day, it’s still romantic. Because nothing says romance like robots. No one understands your heart like Gundam does.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one, or just treat yourself, with this “Mobile Suit Gundam” One Year War chocolate gift box!

This set features a rectangular box with the RX-78-2 on the cover, and contains the following chocolates:

  • Printed marble chocolate w/ the RX-78-2 (sweet & milk chocolate) x1
  • Printed marble chocolate w/ the Zaku II (sweet & red-colored white chocolate) x1
  • Printed chocolates (milk chocolate w/ coffee cream filling) x2
  • Sweet chocolate pyramid x1
  • Milk chocolate pyramid w/ edible gold spray x1


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