G.I. Joe Classified Black Line Rumor Control

G.I. Joe is Classified

Lots of posts went viral claiming insider info on a new (fabled) G.I. Joe Black Line of 6 inch action figures. This is what every fan boy has wanted for years on a license that has been in the dog house for just as long. You have to take this with a pinch of salt. The first image  seen had misspellings on the main character names.


This was pulled down, later raising calls that since it was pulled, it was real and now the news is confirmed. Sorry guys, that is not how it works. On another forum, a member was saying he heard it from Entertainment Earth and didn’t care if he would lose his account want to tell everyone about it. Again, this is not real news only more people really wanting it to be true. More and more forums are stating it is real and would be shown off at Toy Fair, which is around the corner. Hey, if that happens I would be a very happy but let’s wait and see.

What would a six inch Marvel Legends / Star Wars Black Series G.I. Joe look like? Well, someone made a scaled up version of Snake Eyes and they were available on eBay for a time. I was able to get one, and if Hasbro (or Jazwares?) sold Joes in this scale I would buy every one of them, hands down.

This is a property that fans want, but has not been very sellable to the wider market for some time now. Toy Fair is happening mid-February, and we might get our wished filled. Or if nothing else, another year of coal in our stocking.

Let’s review

  • 6″ figures multiple points articulation Marvel Legends / Star Wars Black Series
  • Five figures in the first wave
  • EE to sell them but not who would be making them
  • No real confirmation of a line being made
  • Who would be in Wave One?
    • Duke
    • Snake Eyes
    • Roadblock
    • Scarlet
    • Destro

If they were like the Star Wars Black Series cases, that is six figures per case, probably Snake Eyes x2 and one of everybody else. Interesting that Destro is first off as the bad guy and not a normal Cobra guy or Storm Shadow.

Update on this image from the upcoming Toy Fair in February it does show the GIJoe logo with the rest of the brands they are representing at the event. This looks more and more likely and not a dream.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.28.22 PM

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