11 Figures We Would Like to See from Earthrise and Beyond

Hasbro has been crushing it with their Siege line of figures in the War for Cybertron trilogy, and I’ve spent my fair share of cash in acquiring as many of those figures as possible, turning what began as a sparse collection into a sexy shelf display with both Autobot and Decepticon alike.

Now that Siege is wrapping up with its latest wave of Siege toys, Earthrise is, well, on the rise. Transformers fans have seen what can be expected from the first wave of toys with another Optimus and Starscream on the way to first time arrivals like Cliffjumper and Wheeljack (who I’m super stoked for). What has been announced looks good so far, but we wouldn’t be toy collectors and fans if we didn’t sit and daydream, pine, wish for and speculate about what could be. Whether it’s Earthrise or maybe the next line post Earthrise; whatever that may be. So, here’s my list of what I’m hoping for from Hasbro that would have me at the toy section yelling, “I want it, I want it, I want it”, like a Malibu Stacy with a new hat.

11) Powerglide


I’m going to come out and say it right now, I don’t remember if Powerglide was either rumoured or confirmed for Earthrise or not. There was a list floating around the internet shortly after Earthrise was announced, that like a maroon I didn’t save to my phone.

While including a miniature human figure as a companion piece is more of an expectation with Masterpiece figures (Bumblebee and Spike most notably), and Hasbro’s Transformers typically only come packaged with weapons, if Powerglide came packaged with Astoria from the G1 episode The Girl Who Loved Powerglide, I’d be quoting Powerglide myself with an “and awaaaay we go” on my way to my local Walmart/Toys R Us.


Powerglide was always one of my favorite Transformers. While not as menacing as the Seekers, or as sleek and dynamic as the Aerialbots, I was still a fan and with what we’ve seen so far with Cliffjumper, Powerglide would make for a fun addition to the Deluxe class of figure.

10) Bombshell/Kickback


The Insecticons have always been favorites of mine and I was beyond ecstatic to get all three of the original G1 toys back in April at a local convention. Sadly, while transforming them for some toy photography a few months back, one of Kickback’s antenna broke off.

An Earthrise set of Insecticons would go a long way in making me forget about that sad day. It’s more or less been put out there on the internet that we will be getting an Earthrise Shrapnel aka Skrapnel. Much like we got Refraktor aka Reflector. Licensing, yo.

It would make sense to me that if we get Skrapnel then surely an Earthrise Bombshell and Kickback wouldn’t be far behind.

9) Fortress Maximus


I will get Siege Omega Supreme one of these days, and he will be displayed on my shelf in all of his Titan class glory.

If I recall correctly, there’s a distinct possibility we’ll see a Titan class Scorponok in the Earthrise line and my excitement level; if my recall is correct, for that is at an all-time high. You can add Metroplex and Trypticon to that list as well, Hasbro, if you please. My wallet and I are ready.

But if that’s not an option, and we could only get one Titan class toy to go alongside Scorponok, then I’d love to see a representation of my most favorite Titan, Fortress Maximus.

8) Perceptor


I’ve always been a fan of and a lover of science and while Wheeljack (who we’re getting in Earthrise) and Ratchet (who we already got in Siege) were fine representatives of medicine and science, one of my most loved Transformers I was never able to obtain was Perceptor.

Perceptor was my guy. Not the strongest, not the fastest, but he was still a warrior, noble and brave. Give me an Earthrise Perceptor with a functioning microscope mode; just don’t give him some goofy alt mode like Ratchet’s “medical bay” or Refraktor’s “spaceship” mode, and we cool.

7) Jazz


When I wrote my 5 favorite G1 Autobot and Decepticon toys a year ago, Jazz made my list of favorite Autobots without question, but I’ve never owned him.

From being voiced by Scatman Crothers to his propensity for getting down; both on the dance floor and in battle, an Earthrise toy would have me beyond jazzed (pun fully and always intended), and would be sure to get the party started on my toy shelf.

6) Wreck-Gar


I’ve always been a Wreck-Gar fan. He was weird enough and off putting enough with his appearance and his vocabulary being primarily tv buzzwords and quotes that I immediately latched onto him and wanted his G1 toy…until I saw it.


Wreck-Gar’s G1 toy was fine, it certainly wasn’t as ugly or as much of a bummer as the G1 versions of Ironhide and Ratchet, but he certainly didn’t excite me either. Hasbro has proven they have the engineering chops to make something super cool, so give me a more cartoon accurate Wreck-Gar and I’ll be blasting Weird Al all the way to the toy store.

5) Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime


We’ve had Siege Optimus, Cell-Shaded Optimus, Raspberry Optimus, Tartar Control Optimus, Lady Optimus…needless to say we’ve had our share of Optimus Prime, and I get it, Optimus Prime is the GOAT. I love him, you love him, we all love him, but let’s show his successor a little love.

Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime, whichever name he goes by, has always been super cool and for all of the Masterpiece and third party versions of him that we’ve seen, Hot Rod’s G1 is still the coolest version we’ve ever had, or at least that’s this Transformer lovers opinion.

We got a Siege version of Ultra Magnus as well as Springer, it makes all the sense in the world we should get a Rodimus to stand alongside them, Earthrise or otherwise.

4) Arcee


Some of my earliest crushes were in animated form. From a young age, I thought Cleo from Heathcliff and Penny from Inspector Gadget were cool, and 6-year-old me wanted to hang out with them, and the same went for Arcee.

Loyal, fearless and determined, I loved Arcee and a War for Cybertron figure would just add to the love. As long as they don’t fit her with a bunch of robot kibble and an enormous backpack like they did with Chromia. Chromia looks good from the front, but that giant backpack has her low on my list of figures I’ve been thinking of picking up.

Give me a sleek and clean Arcee and you can just keep my credit card in return.

3) Scourge/Sweeps

scourge sweeps

Much like with the Rainmakers and the Refraktor reconnaissance set, Scourge and the Sweeps as anything other than a three pack wouldn’t make any sense, as you’re essentially buying three of the same character, and while I’m intent on buying all three of the individual G1 cartoon Refraktor; because I’m a completist and a maniac like that, it doesn’t mean I’m necessarily a fan of said marketing tactics.

Who am I kidding though, as a three-pack or if asked to buy them as individuals, Scourge and the Sweeps would still be a must buy.

2) Cyclonus


Cyclonus would have to be a Voyager class, no question. Just as long as he’s not too overpriced; I’m looking at you Siege Shockwave who continues to sit on toy shelves despite recently being reduced in price, with your accessorized and maybe it’s my opinion only (but I doubt it) “armor” to justify your “Voyager class” MSRP.

So much nope.

Rant over, let’s continue.

Second in command of the Decepticons once the animated series left Earth and moved into space. While Cyclonus likely wouldn’t make much sense in the Earthrise line, based on the success Earthrise will surely achieve, it stands to reason that whatever we get for the eventual third line in the War for Cybertron trilogy, Hasbro would be remiss if they didn’t include Galvatron’s right hand Decepticon.

Speaking of…

1) Galvatron


While no one will ever top Soundwave as my favorite Transformer; Decepticon or Autobot alike, Galvatron comes in at a very close second.

It’s been bandied about the internet that we probably won’t see an Earthrise Megatron for various reasons (although recent listings leaked online tell us that oh yes, we will), and we probably won’t see an Earthrise Galvatron either, but if and when the third line in the War for Cybertron series rolls out? Giddy up.

For me personally I always liked Galvatron a little more than Megatron whether it was in the cartoon or in the toylines from G1 to Masterpiece and the like, the far more insane reimagining of the leader of the Decepticons  molded in the image of Unicron, has always struck a chord with me.

If a War for Cybertron Galvatron found his way to store shelves, it would be insanity to think I’m going to leave him or any of these other would be, could be and should be figures there for someone else to buy ahead of me.


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