Toy Wizards Pre-Review: Let’s get mad with SCIENCE – A look Wheeljack

Damn! I know we were looking down the pipeline for an Earthrise Wheeljack and I am all too thrilled! THRILLED, I SAY!! So, what are we going to be looking for in our favorite Mad Scientist? Let’s take a short look into what we had in the past and then delve into the mind of future madness!

Time to be Blinded by SCIENCE!


(Transformers Generation-1 Animation Stills: Hasbro/Marvel Studios/Sunbow Productions)

Wheeljack short bio:

The Autobot’s highly respected Mad Scientist is responsible for creating a MEGA-TON (see what I did there?) of devices that have blown up in his plated FACE and made the lives of his fellow Autobots … somewhat hellishly ‘interesting’, but when he delivers, he delivers BIG; case in point: The Dinobots! Was Autobot Spike, his first go at manipulating life? Hellz no! I’m sure that he chortles in his sleep thinking of conjuring up devices that would make Dr. Evil throw his hands up in the air and give up his degrees in “Evil Science”.

Seriously though, If Wheeljack hasn’t been there, I don’t think the Autobots would have been nearly as successful in their campaigns against the maniacal mechanical menaces, the Decepticons, as they have been! Having a Mad Scientist working on the side of good full time with coffee breaks and dental has its advantages!

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His older G-1 conversion into the 1976 Lancia Stratos Turbo 5 Rally car is one of the BEST rally inspired cars ever created! I LOVE that he’s really a real Rally car that was pulled out of real LIFE and put into the world of Anime Mech Alien LIFE!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing rally inspired cars and I’ll forever be a ginormous fan of these designs over other Autobots that tend to blend into the world. It’s like Wheeljack and Smokescreen always says “F” THAT!! Ha ha!!

We have had SUCH a rich history of Wheeljacks, that includes his Generations figure, his Transformers Prime figure, Downshift from Transformers Energon, and his amazing Transformers Masterpiece figure (Mine has stickers that are from, where they will supply most if not all your stickering needs from faction symbols for the your Transformers to more detailed ones to bring your figures to life as well as other figures and toy lines such as Power Rangers and more).

In this Pre-Review, lets pay attention to two out of these figures, and that will be


I really think these two are really what Hasbro and Takara decided to merge together in a mighty Saiyan fusion dance to come up with what I think will be one of the best incarnations of Wheeljack to date in the CHUGS (Acronym for Classics, Hunt for the Decepticons, Universe Generations and Siege) lines! I am really being super critical on the new Earthrise Wheeljack, and I have to say that I am really pleasantly elated to know that we are getting a great figure!

More closely designed with more of the Masterpiece appeal more than anything I believe Earthrise Wheeljack crushes it!

This vehicular mode has so much in common with the Lancia Stratos if the Lancia were to receive a more modern and aggressive body kit from today with the forward sweeping low profile grill and those amazing wheel wells! I really love where they’re going with this auto mode and have no complaints except one, and that has to deal with the front of the window where the legs split, which I think is painted black plastic. I get that this will hide the bot parts more eloquently than having it made in the smoky plastic windows, but I still feel that I’d love to have gotten the full window treatment. I may feel differently once I get the figure in hand, but at this moment, this reviewer is just in speculation mode at what’s in store.

You’ve really GOT to love all this beautiful detailing that goes into his rally inspired auto mode! Changing his numbers does little to change that this IS Wheeljack. I am hella loving those amazing red rims! Amazing!

Wheeljack’s robot mode is just straight-up and straightforwardly as Wheeljack as Wheeljack can be! Proportions are all amazing and I am feeling so far that he will out shine the Generations version of Wheeljack by leaps, but I really don’t know if I’m, being biased in saying this. I really love how well orchestrated the transformation is on Wheeljack, and in robot mode, he looks wonderful!

My ONLY issue would be the way the legs become hollow in bot mode, and at the same time, this is an instance where I cant see a way to avoid it. I can think of so many ways to cover the hollowness and each one could not be able to challenge the mathematics that went into this superb engineering that’s went into Earthrise Wheeljack. To create an aerodynamic and superbly super low profile auto mode that Wheeljack has done perfectly, with minimal sacrifices made to robot mode; I really see this as the least of issues here though because, from back cover to the way the windshield covers the gap that holds ‘Jack’s head I think he’s super well designed!

Looking down the pipe to think about what we could get that takes Jack’s form and maybe gives Hasbro and Takara another use for the Wheeljack mound, I would love to see, and I don’t see a reason not to do one, I would love to see Decepticon Exhaust in the near future. I don’t know if we will ever get one but it would almost be a no brainer to bring Exhaust to us for that quick cash grab. Maaaaybe even an Energon inspired Downshift?

I am excited once again at the possibilities, and I’ll leave things here for now. There are so many figures coming down the Transformers pipeline, and I just cant wait to take deeper looks into them for you as well as for myself.

For all you fans, written by a FAN! 🙂

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