Magic Square Presents Golden Light of Freedom

Magic square is about to drop their golden MS-B18G AKA their GOLDEN LIGHT OF JUSTICE! Magic Square’s take on their version of Optimus Prime. Let’s take a dip into the Golden Pond that gave the Autobots and Decepticons near neigh invulnerability and let’s take a flight into what makes the big guy amazing!

(Production photos from MagicSquare)

So far, Our fearless leader looks great in gold! I mean he looks DAMN good! Lots of golden goodness fills our hero with the leadership luster we’ve always known. The golden stuff of this Autobot Leader that was in his SPARK has now been made prevalent on the outside, and …damnit, I’ll follow him through the pits of Tartarus and back! He MS-B18G: Golden Light of Justice looks like he’s shaping up to be a must buy and literally a golden grail for any fan. Being Legends scale doesn’t stop this Prime from living Large! I am excited for this piece and know he’ll make a more than worthy addition to your Legends figures or even as a desk bot to keep pushing you forward up that corporate ladder, giving you inspiration in everything you do!

Get him when he drops, folks! This is the Golden Stuff!


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