Spin Master Opens Preorders on DC Action Figure Line

After Mattel lost the DC toy license in 2018, it was announced first that Spin Master would take over making DC figures. Now, it’s worth noting that Spin Master makes figures for the children’s market, but that doesn’t mean the pieces can’t be cool. It also means that they’re actually affordable! And right now on Entertainment Earth, you can pick up Spin Master’s first wave of DC figures.


They are due out this month, and the wave includes six different characters out of Batman’s world, plus 2 chase figures. There are Batman Rebirth, Batman Tactical, Robin, The Joker, Nightwing, and Man-Bat – with detachable wings. There are also 2 different chase figures you might score. One is the golden Batman Defender, and the other is a special metallic Robin! In 4-inch scale, they each come with 3 mystery accessories. If you want to collect them all, you can order an entire case of figures for only $63 right here; they are due out January 2020.

Spin Master will also carry 12 inch style dolls, such as this Harley Quinn right here, also due out January 2020. Other playsets and figures based on DC characters will be released this month, too.


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