Toy Wizards Designer-Con 2019 Wrap Up & Toy Gallery

We Toy Wizards took over Designer-Con 2019 and so much content was created! From toy reviews, to hauls, visiting booths and more.

To keep organized, we are archiving all of our D-Con footage in a single posts. Check out the below where you can see all of our video content and image gallery. Keep with us for best of booth posts and specifics about individual toy brands. See you at D-Con 2020!

Designer-Con Review and Haul Part 1

Designer-Con Part 2: 52Toys

Designer-Con Part 3: 1000Toys

Designer-Con Part 4: Henry and Glen Forever

Carly’s Designer-Con Haul

Designer-Con Night of the Living Dead Japanese Vinyl by Club DaikaijuxM1

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