Everyone Is Crying Looking At Playmates New Godzilla Toys

Playmates is releasing new Godzilla toys and I am very sure Bandai wishes they where not. In fact, not releasing these toys and just burning them is really the best option. For some reason, Playmates got the Godzilla license and some how made the most unforgiving Godzilla toys since Trendmasters. Heck these make Trendmasters toys not only look good, but like but masterpieces in comparison.

Playmates decided that the packaging design by Bandai was so good they would just swap logo or the Bandai logo and it was good to go. That could have been forgiven if the toys where the same quality but they aren’t. I thought at first these where just really bad Chinese knock offs. There is no way Playmates could make such horrible Godzilla toys. But they did, they did!

In fact, these are so bad that I need them to see in person how bad they are. Some very early pictures are out and they tell a story of the worst kind for Godzilla collectors. Poor quality control, sham molds, and paint that makes you only want to be blind as not to see what they did to them. Really the knock-off Bandai packaging is the only good thing you can say. It almost tricks you when you see it! Almost. In fact, I just have to keep saying it. They are so bad that I have no idea how Toho approved this, unless there was large bribes and the handover of a small island Playmates had leftover from turtle money.

First image We saw was from Planet Kaiju


After that Our own Toy Wizard Ricky saw the monsters in person and took these.


What is the world did they do to Shin Godzilla


Later today kaijufan1984 shared these as well it only gets worse and worse.


Kong looks acceptable so far. All of the monsters we know and love have been destroyed by unacceptable paint and subpar sculpts and molds. Bandai has had this gig down for decades and to see such poor attention to detail is horrifying. Right now, like most Godzilla fans, I am sure we are all hoping they take these down and burn them, take off all the images online and start over from scratch. I don’t want to have the memories of this in my head anymore and it just started how much worse is it going to get?

Crying my self to sleep now. Seriously, look at this again and do the same. Let the tears and the hate flow through you.



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  1. 100% agree – these are horrible and cheap – pretty sad cash grab for what amounts to knock-off quality.

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