Kaiju Fans Can Wipe Monster Eyes With This New Godzilla Tissue Box

Your favorite Heisei Godzilla is getting a tissue box holder where you pull tissues out of Godzillas mouth. I am not sure on how practical that might be. But Godzilla collectors are not picky just happy to have more Godzilla stuff and the Heisei Godzilla is a fan favorite. I have a Godzilla humidifier and it is fantastic!


Cost is 5000 Yen so about $47.50 retail

Release date is May 2020


● Size: Width 130 x Depth (maximum) 200 x Height 260mm
● Material: Polystone
● Prototype: Kenichi Matsumoto
● Manufacturer: Rotary Hiro
● Made in China
* The photo is under development and is different from the actual product May be different.

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