Toy Wizards Pre-Review: Transformers Earthrise Optimus Prime

Hello, Transformers Earthrise Optimus Prime! What a beauty of a bot and on my maiden voyage into writing for Toy Wizards, I figured, why not give my thoughts on this, what I’m considering to be the highly coveted and THE quintessential Optimus Prime figure. A Pre-Review Review, if you will. Let’s go through my first impressions of the Big Bot, himself, and from what I’m seeing so far…. damn (in all the best ways possible!)

As a reminder, this figure is currently sold out on Hasbro Pulse, though it will likely be restocked. You can still preorder it on BigBadToyStore for $54.99. It will ship March 2020.

Transformers Earthrise Optimus Prime comes to us at a time where I almost thought I was not going to collect any more mainline Optimus Prime figures. I mean, after Voyager Siege Optimus and the repaint of this figure for the 35th anniversary (MP44), plus all the love Prime has been getting lately, there’s no where else to go, right? I mean, I only finally got MP10 after years of holding off…


I mean I rrrrreeeeeeaaaaally wasn’t expecting to collecting after Siege. The end of an era, or so I thought! And with all the fan-TASTIC nostalgic nods we’ve been getting even with Transformers Energon Galaxy Prime, I thought that this would be the end to the story of Generation-1 for some time.

Then….like Majestic ZEUS coming from the highest peaks of the Seventh Heavens, to proclaim his mystical wonder to ALL in a celestial beam of LIGHT; Earthrise Optimus Prime hast now made himself known to take his seat in the splendrous halls of Toy Majesty, and has drastically made me change my mind!

(Photos from Vector Sigma’s Facebook page)

Transformers Earthrise Optimus Prime is going to be the newest addition of the illustrious Transformers Universe, and I really canNOT tell you know STOKED I am about this guy. The is heavy update to our heroic leader will be sold at the “Leader” price point! Now, I know a lot of people have an issue with a Voyager scaled figure being sold at this price point, especially with the outcry about Siege Shockwave not having as much weight and stature, height and accessories, and I too miss the older height class of the older Leader class, especially with what we had with Jetfire and Ultra Magnus from the Combiner Wars line.

I really feel that the new Leaders are really more reminiscent of the Ultra Class figures we had from the Beast Wars and Energon line, and I do wish that Hasbro would bring that size class back, but I also think Hasbro has gotten a lot better at creating more bang for the buck with what they’re bringing us with Siege Astrotrain; I believe that Earthrise Optimus will bring us so much more amazing!

Optimus Prime is going to be well…worth the price of admission! Coming with a VAST amount of playability, the accessories so far are really well worth it! The trailer alone is a love letter to we fans of Generation 1 (G1) that ads the perfect accent to what fans, myself included, have always said we wanted in an Optimus Prime figure! “Give us a trailer!” And Hasbro finally delivered. There are a few things missing like a “Roller” and …well, I know my eyes are going straight to the real wheel as on the trailer. Nothing that cant be solved with an addition of a wheel well and wheel guards that can be attached, and I know the eventual third party upgrades may give us something cool and functional. Perfect Effect and Dr. Wu, I’m looking at you… but lets get back to what I love about our Hero.

I’m loving that Hasbro and Takara took what was awesome about the Studio Series 38, Siege War for Cybertron and MP 10 Optimi (that’s plural for Optimus, right?) and seemed to smoosh them all together into a clean and cohesive Leader of the Autobots! The way they touched on converting the faux grill and panels and made it a part of the chest is so genius! When I saw that in the Ton Ton reviews, my mind was totally blown!

(Credit: Ton Ton Reviews on YouTube)

They have really learned a lot!

In Truck Mode, he looks o cool! Although the real wheels have something to be desired, the aesthetics of Optimus Prime with trailer is nothing short of incredible! I only wish that the rear of the trailer’s wheels didn’t drop so far away from the trailer. As I said before, it’s nothing that the Third Parties can’t handle, and I really hope they do! A wheel guard is needed on these rather naked wheels, and for the price point, Roller not being included as far as this reviewer knows so far at the time of writing this article, I feel that that much could have been worked in to this price point.

Earthrise Optimus Prime isn’t perfect, but I do think Hasbro and Takara did a GREAT job! From what we saw of Transformers Earthrise so far at the NY Toyfair alone was enough for me to start making room on my toy shelves and …I’m thinking of heading off to get more shelves for these guys! From the store shelves to mine!

I. Am. Totally. Impressed! If we’re reading rightly about what’s coming down the pipeline, I really think we’re in for a most excellent ride!

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