Toy Wizards Review: Night of the Living Dead Vinyl Figures by Club Daikaiju x M1

Toy Wizards would like to thank Club Daikaiju for providing samples of the Japanese vinyl Night of the Living Dead figures for us to review. You can purchase your own for $200 by letting Toy Wizards know you’re interested, and we will connect you to the company.


These toys are legitimate Japanese vinyl toys. If that doesn’t mean much to you, think of it this way– the toys are thick, chunky, large, and incredibly detailed.

Before delving into these two figures, which by the way are packaged together as a set, it’s important to understand what Night of the Living Dead toys and action figures came before these two ladies. And typically, it’s these gentlemen below, or a variation of, in classic MEGO scale wearing cloth clothes.


And for me personally, cloth clothes are working less and less for my sensibilities. Truthfully, I like all plastic/vinyl/etc with some really spectacular sculpting, detailing, and pieces my kids can’t tear off and lose. Which is exactly what the Night of the Living Dead figures from Club Daikaiju x M1 provide.

I’ll repeat that these figures are actual Japanese vinyl, which is a rare treat, but also explains the $200 price tag. The two characters chosen for the figures are also great. We have Karen Cooper, which is the little girl in the orange daisy dress holding the trowel. She is used on much of the advertising material and toys of her already exist.

Albeit not especially impressive ones.


If you look at the details on Karen’s dress and stockings, it’s just amazing. The paint on her face, as well as the Hospital Gown Ghoul (remember, they weren’t zombies, that word came later), the gradient colors are just incredible. There is green, gray, blue, yellow, and it is all perfectly blended to create these walking, undead girls. I also love that Club Daikaiju/M1’s second toy choice was the Hosital Gown Ghoul, because she is NIGHTMARISH. Seriously, imagine a girl from the hospital, a scary enough place on its own, risen from her bed, and stumbling at you. It’s haunting as hell, and why she’s not the villain in more horror films is just astonishing.

These figures have very limited articulation, and its really just in the arms that move up and down. Karen Cooper comes with her trowel, which is carefully packed with her and covered in a plastic slip, but no other accessories are included.

If you love horror films, which I do, and love the very specific look and feel of thick, chunky, incredibly detailed Japanese vinyl toys, then these Night of the Living Dead figures are perfect for your collection.

I give the Night of the Living Dead Karen Cooper and Hospital Gown Ghoul vinyl figures from Club Daikaiju x M1 5/5 Wizard Stars. They are perfect.


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