Bandai Reveals Chogokin Damashii GX-XX01 D.C. Series XX Plan Secret Super Weapon Set 01

Note: This is a set of optional parts for modifying or detailing Chogokin robots that you already have!

Power up your D.C. Super Robot collection with this new item! This weapon set pays tribute to the Jumbo Machinder robot toys that were a huge hit in 1970s. The Secret Super Weapons that can be attached to the arm of the D.C. Super Robots have been updated to Chogokin Tamashii specifications with die-cast parts and current manufacturing techniques! These weapons feature a common joint standard to the D.C. robot figure series, so you can attach these 6 secret weapons to your D.C. Super Robots in various ways.

These accessories will ship April 2020 and costs $74 from HobbyLink Japan.

Each super weapon features a built-in action gimmick, too. The display base features a statue of Mazinger Z in Jumbo Machinder style; you can display some of the weapons attached to his arms, or show them all off mounted to the base in front of Mazinger Z! A Hover Pilder is also included, which can be installed on your own Mazinger Z D.C. (not included, sold separately).

Includes the following:

XX-1 Rocket Punch — Mazinger Z’s secret weapon — both arms are ejected with springs!

XX-2 Photon Power Flame Gun — When you turn the knob at the top of the gun, a clear red part that looks like photon energy appears!

XX-3 Rapid Firing 6-Line Missiles — Two sets that can be worn on both arms, ejects three missiles each!

XX-4 Light Speed Destruction Disk — Press the trigger to eject the disk!

XX-5 Strange Magnetic Arm — Telescopic arm with a built-in real magnet; it can absorb Grendizer’s enemy mecha “Mini Four.”

XX-6 Megaton Crane — Wind up the chain and lift the megaton ball! Two types of megaton balls are included: 5,000 tons and 100,000 tons!

  • [Materials]: Die-cast, ABS

[Set Contents]:

  • XX-1 Rocket Punch (left and right)
  • XX-2 Photon Power Flame Gun
  • XX-3 Rapid Firing 6-Line Missile (left and right)
  • Triple missile warhead (x6)
  • XX-4 Light Speed Destruction Disk
  • Injection disk
  • XX-5 Strange Magnetic Arm
  • Mini Four
  • XX-6 Megaton Crane
  • 100,000 ton megaton ball
  • 5,000 ton megaton ball
  • Display base
  • Mazinger Z-type statue
  • Hover Pilder


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