Storm Collectibles Reveals Golden Axe – SKELETON Action Figure (And It Has Endless Possibilities)

At first glance, this Golden Axe Skeleton two pack from Storm Collectibles may seem like the baddies and follow up to the Ax Battler and Red Dragon set they showed off last month. But if you think about it more, this two pack is the key to endless customizing possibilities.

Sure, you can pose these two 6-6.5 inch dudes with their sword and shield and TEN pairs of hands. Ten. Pairs. Of hands. That’s five per each bone-soldier. And that’s a reality that would be pretty damn cool. Or, you can tap into the best of the best of pop culture skeletal madness, and use your imagination to create the following creatures:

You can make a Jack Skellington
Jacque Lalean
Or consider Beetlejuice’s Jacques Lelean
Shred your costume and Dirk out hard like Dragon’s Lair
Make like the 1940s and dance naked with your friends
Or you can just be a skeleton faced beef cake.

The choice is yours! All we know is that the smartest thing to do really is buy these awesome action figures from Storm Collectibles!!!

Price point and release date TBA.


SKELETON, also known as Skeleton Soldier, is an enemy in Golden Axe, an undead warrior summoned by Death Adder’s magic. Skeletons are equipped with a sword and a shield. They are notable for possessing all of the basic attacks the protagonist has (Dash Attack, Jumping Attack, etc). (ref: Fandom Wiki)
SKELETON 2 PACKS Features: – 2 x Skeleton’s Full Articulated Body
– 10 x Pair of Hands – 2 x The Skeleton’s Sword – The Skeleton’s Shield (right hand) – The Skeleton’s Shield (left hand)


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