Toy Wizards Review: ‘Hey Batman’ Voice Activated Batmobile by YuMe Toys

Toy Wizards would like to thank YuMe Toys for generously supplying us with a ‘Hey Batman” Voice Activated Batmobile to review. You can get your own for $79.99 exclusively at GameStop now!

According to the official GameStop description, “Hey, Batmobile…” is all it takes for your personal assistant to rev into action in this highly stylized replica that is decked out with voice activation technology! Requires your phone to be linked to Google Home and or Apple Siri and connected using Bluetooth. If your home is connected to your phone as a smart home, the Batmobile can also control lighting and much more. The Voice Activated Batmobile makes the perfect personal assistant for the entire family!

But does it work?


At the end of the day, this charming looking Batmobile (based off the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman Batmobile, and arguably the best Batmobile), is really a Bluetooth speaker. The contents of the box are the car/speaker (which is super cool looking), the instruction manual (tiny and super easy to follow), and a micro USB cord/power adapter.

It was super easy to sync the Batmobile to my phone. I just held down the button on the Batmobile for three seconds and then my phone discovered it. The gimmick here is that you say “Hey Batmobile”, and then ask it to do something, much like Siri or Google Assist. Which means that whatever you have your phone synced to do (which ranges from nothing to control your entire home), the confirmation/activation sound with come through the Batmobile speaker.

The first time I gave this sucker a go, it didn’t respond to “Hey Batmobile”. The next day when I tested it on camera, it worked for me. Now remember, this device costs $80, and you’re really paying for the aesthetic and DC license. The electronic in and of itself is pretty standard and the music coming out of it isn’t offensive; it’s about as high quality as my other Bluetooth speaker that I purchased in the same price range.

The biggest downfall of this item is that it doesn’t contain a battery. It needs to be plugged in to work. For $80, it would really benefit from being portable. I feel like I should be able to bring it into any room in my house. Also, the cord really isn’t that long, so I personally don’t have a spot in my house to keep it plugged in at all times where it’s not just kind of in the way.

Between the lack of battery and price point, it knocks the ‘Hey Batman’ Voice Activated Batmobile down a few notches. But overall, it’s perfect timing for this neat electronic to come out, and it would make a fun and different addition to Batman/Batmobile lovers’ collections.

I give the ‘Hey Batman’ Voice Activated Batmobile 3.5 out of 5 Wizard Stars.


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