Necromolds: Monster Battles Game Kickstarter Is Live And Ready To Show Fans Squirmish Strategy Gaming

Mold, fight, and smash monster armies in this unique miniatures strategy skirmish tabeletop game for all ages!


Necromolds are a series of collectible toys that let you build and destroy terrifying miniatures out of Spell Dough, a soft modeling clay.  The back of each Necromold spell book toy features the miniatures’ game skills and abilities.  Not only will the number of Necromold monsters continue to expand, but so will a new and exciting line of games to use them in!

Necromolds Monster Battles is a streamlined and lite wargaming ruleset easy for tabletop players of all experiences to enjoy. The size of your monster army is limited by 3oz of Spell Dough.  Build your army wisely, for each miniatures’ strengths are balanced against the amount of Spell Dough required to mold them!

You can back this project (which completely smashed through its goal in the first 24 hours) and check out all of the tiers, rewards, and amazing pictures and videos of this fantastic looking tabletop game!



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