Jada Toys Reveals Marvel Inspired Hollywood Rides Cars and Figures

It’s time to give another shoutout to our friends over at Jada Toys! Most notably, Jada Toys are the makers of the Hollywood Rides toys. These die-cast creations do two things, and they do it well– they either recreate a famous car from movies (Ecto-1, Fast and the Furious cars, etc.) or they create cars inspired by superheroes and characters. And that’s what they’re doing here today.

Screenshot 2019-11-20 08.09.21.png

Just in time for the holidays, Marvel is set to dominate the next wave of Hollywood Rides. Drop a comment on what you love most about each of these 1:24 scale vehicles and the superheroes that inspired them!

Jada Toys are great quality and really, they are extremely affordable. That’s what I think is great about them. Look at it like this– sure, you could have purchased the $50 Optimus Prime truck from Walmart a few months back and never opened’/transformed it. Or, you can buy a Jada Toys Optimus Prime for $6 and have exactly that– a truck. That’s not meant to sound condescending. If you really just want the vehicle in car mode, why not buy it at a great price? Same with Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1. You can literally buy a replica of it from Jada Toys for under $10. I think they’re seriously a great brand and can’t wait to see their licensed lines get more love.


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