Toynami Reveals Designer-Con 2019 Exclusive Toys

If you’re at Designer-Con this year (which many of us Toy Wizards will be!) then you have to head over to Toynami’s booth! They will be in booth 1605 and their tasty (yes limited!) exclusives will be ready for you to check out and buy!



Exclusive Name: Little Nessies  Iridescent Pearl Edition – 2019 DCON Exclusive
Exclusive Details / Description: 
Officially licensed by Miyo. This exclusive iridescent pearl edition comes packed 5 styles in one box: Splash, Flow, Misty, Waves and Frost! Each one is approximately 3” tall.
Right after a rainfall, when the air smells crisp and the sun starts peeking through the clouds, look down at a freshly created puddle.  If you see a rainbow reflected within the rippling waters, you might be surprised at what you get a glimpse of!  Rainbow dappled puddles are where shy but mischievous Nessies emerge to play, splashing each other with their tiny flippers, and bathing in the sparkling light. NEW in this exclusive convention edition, Frost joins the mix glittering amongst the waves!
Artist: Miyo, sculptor and creator of Miyo’s Mystic Musings.

Edition of 500



Exclusive Name: Genesis Climber Mospeada Vinyl Cyclone Ride Armor (Ray / Stick)
Exclusive Details / Description: 
MOSPEADA stands for Military Operation Soldier Protection Emergency Aviation Dive Armor. From the classic Japanese anime series Genesis Climber MOSPEADA comes two exclusive collectible figures: Ray and Stick Bernard. Both figures are brought to you in an adorable 8” collectible vinyl figure! Each figure sold separately. *BONUS: A free Mospeada poster will be included with every purchase, while supplies last.
Artist: Original design by Jerome Lu, illustrator, and founder of Hyperactive Monkey

Edition of 250 units/style


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