Bluefin Brands Holds Ultimate Sailor Moon Contest For a Chance to Win 7 Item Prize Pack

Moonies, it’s time to freak out!

Bluefin Brands is holding a contest, and it’s all about social media entries and following. The official rules are on their website right now, but we will break it down over here too.


The prize pack includes the following items. And remember, only one winner will receive this set:

  • ​Sailor Mars SH Figuarts
  • Super Sailor Moon SH Figuarts
  • Super Sailor Venus SH Figuarts
  • Sailor Saturn Tamashii Buddy
  • Sailor Pluto Tamashii Buddy
  • FiguartsZero Chouette Sailor Uranus
  • FiguartsZero Chouette Sailor Neptune


I definitely think the Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune figures are the highlights of this prize pack, although I doubt any Sailor Moon fan would say no to any of these beautiful pieces. There are 27 days left of the contest, and Bluefin Brands is offering 14 ways to win the contest. So by basically following them on every platform in existence, you an increase your odds of winning.

Good luck and happy collecting!

“Tsukino hikari wa ai no message; The moonlight carries the message of love”


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