Artist Creates Hilarious Wonky Gundam Inspired Project Called ‘A Tribute to Grandpa’

Have you ever been watching classic anime and notice an episode or particular moment that seems to be a filler episode done by the “B-Team?” Fans of Sailor Moon will remember these rushed episodes and many of us affectionately call them the “flat eyed” episodes. Well, in Mobile Suit Gundam‘s 40 years on this planet, the classic giant mecha anime isn’t except from sloppy drawings or rushed treatment either.

Enter Vietnamese artist who goes by QUAT  or Dau Lau Boc Khoi, who clearly understands the importance and majesty of those moments when the animation goes awry. In a hilarious seemingly tongue in cheek project he is calling “A Tribute to Grandpa”, QUAT is using polymer clay to crudely recreate some of the Mobile Suit Gundam moments where the animation went a little…yeah.



All hail grandpa, indeed!


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