Bandai Spirits Unveils Real Grade Evangelion Model Kit

Coming in March 2020, Bandai is really busting out a mind blowing and beautiful addition to their Real Grade model kit line. It’s Evangelion Unit 01, and it will retail for about $50.

Officially called the The “RG Emerald Warrior Artificial EVA First Machine ” it depicts the crazy fighter bio-mech from the new Evangelion theatrical film. 

In a press release from Bandai Spirits, the company describes the texture and stability of the new Real Grade model kit, which as fans and builders of these kits are aware, have an endo-skeleton to help with posibility and sturdiness.

“The RG’s man-made battle weapon man-made EVA first machine reproduces the color through a variety of forming colors, and the assembly can restore the image in the drama. The overall design of the precise skeleton structure, and the joints of the various parts can be linked with the armor (strainer) of the chest, abdomen, back, etc., highly movable as if the human body is soft, can make quite natural movements, reproduce the classic Starting position.”

There will be a standard edition, which is the $50 version, and a DX version for $70. From what I can gauge from the crude English in the original article, the DX edition comes with the launch pad where Eva Unit 01 is blasted from NERV’s underground lab up to the surface.


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