Funko Reveals Its 2019 Holiday Guide (And No, It’s Not Just Pops!)

*This post is not sponsored. Toy Wizards just think that the Funko Holiday Gift Guide has some great stuff on it.*

The holidays are on the way, and Funko is celebrating in a big way. This guide is an amazing reminder that the toy giant doesn’t just make Pops! From backpacks and purses, to makeup pallets with brushes, to board games and more, you can really get something for many people in your life for a super affordable price. And while I’m personally not a Pop! collector, I’d climb ice walls and fight White Walkers for a chance to get that Chester Cheetah Pop. If anyone sees one in the wild, holler at your sister.

Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.13Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.17Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.21Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.25Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.28Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.32Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.37Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.41Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.45Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.48Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.52Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.17.56Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.00Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.03Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.08Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.12Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.15Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.18Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.22Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.26Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.29Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.34Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.39Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.42Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.47Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.51Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.54Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.18.58Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.19.02Screenshot 2019-10-30 06.19.06



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