XTransbots Shows Off MP Skids Repaint From Classic Anime ‘You’re Under Arrest’

X-Transbots Taiho / Skids repaint Police Deco. This is a repaint on the MP Skids and Herald body. Nothing new on the sculpt, but a new police deco. What makes it special is that it’s a redeco for a older anime called You’re Under Arrest and the car was called “Taiho Shichauzo”. It comes with two not MP scale figures of the lovely officers from that anime. The redeco looks great and even if your not a fan of the anime you will want the police version Skids.

The anime You’re Under Arrest is about two female officers Natsumi and Miyuki and their small police car “Taiho Shichauzo” and lots of fun comedy and hijinks. It doesn’t transform in the anime that part is a fan fiction that never knew I needed till now.

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Manufacturer XTransbots

Release date Now

Retail $99

Product Description

From XTransbots the Master X MX-XVII(T) Taiho stands over 6 inches tall, transforms into a car and includes a moped that can fit in back of the vehicle mode. Taiho comes armed with two blasters and features tinted windows and real rubber tires.

Product Features

• 6.30 inches (16cm)

• Made of plastic

• 3 Opening doors in vehicle mode

• Moped bike fits inside the trunk

• Ab crunch in robot mode

• Die cast in thighs/feet, torso and connector parts

• Rubber tires

• Tinted windows

• Fully painted car shell like a real car

• Double joints in Knee bending

Box Contents

• Taiho figure

• Instructions

• 2 Guns

• Moped bike

• 2 Girl figurines


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