I Kid You Not, My Plastic Heart Just Announced a Most Funky Fresh Hello Kitty

Decades of perspective have surely brought most human beings to the same inevitable conclusion: The 80s were totally radical. And (although she herself was a 70s baby) no one shined in the 80s like the adorable Kitty White, our own Hello Kitty. Who better to get her very own  totally tubular 80s throwback vinyl toy than her?

Our friends at My Plastic Heart agree, and come October 25th orders will be open for our favorite righteous Kitty babe decked out in the most excellent 80s threads.

The Sanrio Hello Kitty 80s Retro by Quiccs eight-inch vinyl figure has so many features it’s tough to know where to begin. First, her gear is styled after the freshest primary colors of popular 80s brands like the ultra-preppy United Colors of Benetton and urban go-to Cross Colours. Of course, she wears her signature red bow. And while the pacifier reminds us a bit more of the 90s, the heavy gold link chain is timeless and brings the whole look home.

To top it all off, Quiccs went a step further with this most triumphant figure by giving her a android-esque bullet-punk vibe making her perfect for New Wave and Tech nerds alike.

This excellent Hello Kitty toy will be available to order for $49.99 on October 25th at My Plastic Heart. She is scheduled to ship in February 2020, and if previous figures in this line are any indication, you’ll want to order yours fast before they jam out for good. 

Don’t be a dweeb. Save the date on this bodacious drop today!

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