Super Sentai Super Mini-Pla Sun Vulcan Robo and Jaguar Vulcan

More Super Mini-Pla releases are coming and these two are superb. Sun Vulcan Robo is a classic Super Sentai robot that has two parts and makes one giant robo. These will be sold as two candy toy releases in Japan Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan. Together you can form Sun Vulcan Robo.

I am sure we would get them as a combined kit for the states via Bluefin.Jaguar Vulcan is a Bandai permium only carrier that holds both Cosmo Vlucan and Bull Vulcan has moving eyes and opening mouth. Looks like you seen it before it was used on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy as the Zenith Carrier Zord. I hope we get that as well over here they look great.


Super Mini-Pla Sun Vulcan Robo

Manufacture Bandai

Release date February 2020

Retail price 5720 yen

Super Mini-Pla Jaguar Vulcan

Manufacture Bandai

Release date February 2020

Retail price 12,100 yen

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  1. I might be misreading this, but Sun Vulcan was not adapted into Power Rangers.

    Zenith Carrierzord originates from Lost Galaxy, which was adapted from Gingaman. Zenith’s original name was GigaBitus.

    In all likelihood, the designer of GigaBitus used Jaguar Vulcan as inspiration.

    More information:

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