Winnie the Pooh Debuts at Build-a-Bear Workshop

Build-a-Bear Workshop is inviting us all back to the Hundred Acre Wood to play with our old friend Pooh and we here at Toy Wizards all for it.

On October 15, Build-a-Bear released three fluffy Disney-styled versions of our favorite silly old bear ready all ready to order and ship. For $29.00, you can get a Pooh Bear in the fluff with his Build-a-Bear signature paw patch. A Pooh with his classic red tee-shirt is $37.00. And to get the really deluxe all-out Winnie the Pooh Bear experience, you can pay $45.00 for Pooh in his shirt with a soundcard programmed with six classic Pooh phrases.

It seems a bit unfortunate that Winnie the Pooh is a Build-a-Bear online exclusive. What child wouldn’t love the experience of stuffing and snuggling their very own Pooh right in the workshop? But, oh bother, it isn’t meant to be this time. 

There are, however, lots of fun online exclusive items from the world of Winnie the Pooh to add to your B.A.B order. How about dressing up your talking Pooh Bear in a Piglet, Eeyore, or Tigger onesie? We know. The idea alone is enough to send us into cute nostalgia overload. 

Build-a-Bear got it right and totally said it all: “Our new collection is sweeter than hunny.”


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