Vintage Kenner Aliens Return with Latest NECA Action Figure Reveal

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the vintage Kenner Aliens line. One of those odd throwbacks to an age when violent, R-rated movies were turned into kid-friendly toy lines, it featured incredibly imaginative variations on the classic xenomorph if they’d gestated into various non-human species and incorporated their DNA.

Behold his early 90’s glory.

NECA has done a great job of recreating those early 90’s designs in their previous homages to those toys of yesteryear, and the newly-revealed Rhino Alien is no exception. It is an incredible update to a figure that I loved for being kind of silly, and NECA has turned it into a figure that is truly monstrous and horrific-looking.

I think it just moved.
It’s make a great mount, but history has shown us that the wild xenomorph cannot be tamed.
“Hi, I’m here to pick up your daughter.”

Details such as price point, points of articulation, and an exact release date are yet to be revealed, but expect these beast to drop early 2020. And I, for one, cannot wait.

Now give me an update of this guy, NECA. Do it. Do what I said because I said it.

Stay frosty, everyone.

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