Slip-Slippery Stair Slides into Kidrobot’s Shop Ahead of Rick and Morty Premier

Rick and Morty fans, rejoice! The wait for Season Four details is over…well, kinda.

Adult Swim finally announced that we’d be getting five episodes on November 10th, 2019. So, half a season after two years. And that’s the waaaay the news goes. But there’s still plenty for fans to get schwifty about! Kidrobot announced a new Slippery Stair art figure that is now available for just $49.99! 

Hitch a ride to the good old Thirsty Step Saloon, order some bloogies and say howdy to Mr. Booby Buyer on this slick, 7-inch bright and glossy masterpiece. Slippery stair wears his saddle and has Rick and Morty in tow, ready for whichever adventure lies in wait.

For my part, I will be ordering this figure and setting him up right in front of the television to wait patiently for those five episodes. And, chances are, I’ll be reporting on more awesome new Rick and Morty toys before the big premier. 

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