Mattel’s Barbie® Career of the Year Judge Doll Hits Shelves

Barbie has been inspiring girls to be whatever they can dream of for over 60 years. And with her latest career, she’s really looking out for tomorrow’s leaders.

Career of the Year Judge Barbie® is the latest in the series to encourage girls to “explore all your dreams” and imagine “everything she can become.” Other careers include Robotics Engineer, Game Developer and Architect.

Judge Barbie® comes complete with her official robes adorned with lace collar, floral print dress, gavel and sound block. She is available in four ethnicities and can be picked up at Target now or ordered online for $12.99.

It’s pretty cool to see that after all these years, Barbie® is still out there, fighting the good fight, supporting kids who dream big and nurturing their confidence to be anything they want to be. That brand of positivity might even work on some of us adult dreamers. Right, Barbie®?

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