Hasbro Reveals European Convention Exclusive Marvel Legends Deadpool

Hasbro has unveiled another new exclusive Marvel Legends figure that will debut European comic and pop culture conventions, and this time, fans can look forward to seeing Deadpool!


Screenshot 2019-10-06 07.14.26Screenshot 2019-10-06 07.14.32

The exclusive Deadpool figure, with a color scheme and design that harken back to his first appearance in New Mutants #98, will be available at MCM London Comic Con and Comic Con Paris before arriving for general sale via HasbroPulse on November 4th, 2020.

This is Hasbro’s second European convention exclusive figure, and while some people might get mad that it’s not more easily accessible, I love this whole building the collectors market. Okay, fine and turning collectors in different regions against each other. The figure, as we know, it’s the elusive Gray Hulk that confused collectors just recently!


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