Games Workshop Announcess Limited Sale Date for Space Marine Actions Figures

We have been talking about this collab with Games Workshop and Bandai for some time now. They have finally let out some more details on how we get an hold of these beauties.

This is not a crowd funding or need to hit a mark sales. It is a limited number 9000 to be made– for action figures that is very low. Retail was set at 9000 yen so about 80-100$ depending on GW and their final price. They will start selling them Saturday the 5th of October. They will be on sale until November 2nd or they hit the magical number of 9000. They have me in for a couple, but I wish they where a regular release but they still have me login in on Saturday to make sure i get mine. I am sure the whole aspect of limiting them is to make sure they sell the numbers they want. If they sell well I am sure we will see more on the horizon to make Planetfall.


From Games WorkshopBandaiSM-Oct03-Header3edsx

You’ve been waiting patiently for your chance to grab the first-ever Warhammer 40,000 action figure – and it’s nearly here! This Saturday, 9,000 of them go up for grabs on


Once the pre-orders go live, you’ll only have a limited time to claim your Bandai Space Marine action figure… but what happens next? Well, never fear – we’ve got your back. Here’s how it works:



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