New Hasbro Star Wars: The Mandalorian AT-AT Raider Revealed for Triple Force Friday

Well, here we go again.

Hasbro has revealed its offerings for “Triple Force Friday”, and it seems the company’s poor, beleaguered Star Wars team has finally been able to convince Disney that a line based entirely on the “I guess it’s time to get this over with” Rise of Skywalker sequel would be retail seppuku. Accordingly, their “Triple Force Friday” (because when you’re using “brand fatigue” as the reason for your franchises downturn, you’re logically going to want to make everything sound BIGGER) has a mix of various corners of the Star Wars canon. (And the fanon that makes up every film set after ROTJ.)

Now, before you think I’m being too hard on Disney’s Star Wars, let me offer an olive branch and say I’m actually cautiously optimistic for The Mandalorian. Granted, it SHOULD have been set during the OT instead of exploring the garbage timeline of the sequels, but Disney has a theme park to promote, dammit (which ALSO should have been set during the OT) so expect lots of First Order and wank about the Resistance. But hopefully, the series is set on the fringes of the galaxy and avoids sequel territory as much as possible.

But I digress. One of the coolest toys being released in conjunction with The Mandalorian has been revealed… the AT-ST Raider with Klatoonian Pilot figure!

Like a battered spouse, there’s still a small flame flickering in my heart that says that Disney’s Star Wars loves me, and that it’s going to change.

Sure, it’s reusing an old mold, but it has enough additions to make me want to own it, no mater how I ultimately end up feeling about the TV show. I’m a straight-up sucker for EU looking vehicles, and even if The Mandalorian ends up sucking more Bantha balls than Luke Sywalker suckled sea cow teets in The Last Jedi (aka The Last One I’ll Ever Pay to See) my personal head-canon can re-purpose this any number of ways.

One of the things The Mandalorian has going for it over the sequels is the appearance of actual, OT alien races. We were treated to a Twi’lek and a Quarren in the trailer, and the AT-ST Raider comes complete with an awesome looking Klatoonian.

No, no, no. This is a Hartunian. From a sequel other than The Last Jedi that should have never been released.
Thaaaaaaat’s better.

What I’m less than excited about is the price tag. A few years ago, an AT-ST would have set you back $30-40 bucks. But this is the bold new era of Disney Star Wars, where a blue or green non-alcoholic yogurt drink costs $8, so Best Buy is selling this beast at a whopping $79.99.

Someone’s gotta make up the difference on all those clearanced Rose Tico figures. “Woohoo” indeed.

Here’s the skinny on this “new” vehicle straight from the press release:


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: Starting at $79.99/Available: Fall 2019)

Fans and collectors can imagine scenes from the STAR WARS Galaxy with this premium STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION THE MADALORIAN AT-ST RAIDER vehicle, inspired by the THE MADALORIAN live-action TV series on Disney Plus. With realistic detail including an opening cockpit, articulated legs, adjustable laser cannons and side-mounted weapons pods, and movable command viewpoint blast shields, this vehicle can be displayed in STAR WARS action figure and vehicle collections. Includes vehicle, figure, and accessory. Available at Best Buy.

I like that they explicitly state that it can be “displayed” and never even attempts to say it can be played with. It’s like they’ve completely given up on the idea that kids care about Star Wars anymore.

“Wait… did I leave the gas on?”

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