The Coop is Creating Awesome New Ghostbusters Household Collectibles

Halloween is on its way, and so are a whole new batch of awesome Ghostbusters collectibles! All of these items listed here will ship between September and October 2019. What I love about this new collection by The Coop is that it appeals to the people who wants to have a pop culture “nerd house” but don’t per se want to have shelves and shelves and rooms full of toys. (Which is something I don’t quite understand or identify with, but I want everyone to indulge in their best collecting life! Therefore, today on Toy Wizards, we will show off some new Ghostbusters creations to add to your home, in an assortment so great no one else will have to know that toy collecting and household goods are in fact crossing streams. I looked at the trap, Ray, and now I definitely don’t want to get out.



Ghostbusters Stay Puft Cookie Jar

This officially licensed decorative ceramic figural cookie jar features the likeness of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movie franchise. It stands ten inches tall with handpainted details. It costs $39.99 and can be preordered today.



Ghostbusters Stay Puft Salt and Pepper Shakers

This set of two officially licensed Stay Puft Marshmallow Man salt and pepper shakers make a perfect addition to any Ghostbusters fan’s table. Each shaker holds 1.35 oz (40ml) and is handwash only. They cost $19.99 for the set and can be preordered right here.



Ghostbusters Slimer Candy Dish

Well if a candy dish isn’t the most adorable and charming thing that ever happened! This decorative ceramic figural candy dish stands 6 inches tall with hand-painted details and is an officially licensed Ghostbusters product. Handwash only, otherwise he will haunt your dishwasher so hard. The Slimer candy dish costs $19.99 and can be preordered right here.



Ghostbusters Slimer Surprise Mug

Careful, drinker of beverage, it’s a Slimer Surprise! Boo, it says! All you want in the morning is enjoy the peace and quiet with a nice cup of coffee. Unfortunately for you, just below the surface awaits Slimer to throw some mayhem into your day. Be thankful it’s contained to this cool surprise mug so you can make your escape. The Slimer Surprise (::giggles like a twelve year old::) costs $14.99 and can be ordered here today.



Ghostbusters Handmade By Robots Stay Puft Figure

This figure is the most adorable thing in the world. Sitting footsie up on his adorable little tushy is a 5 inch tall ceramic figure that’s made to look like one of those little handmade knitted toys that all the kids love. He costs $11.99 and can be preordered today.



Ghostbusters Handmade By Robots Slimer Figure

Handmade by Robots and The Coop just crushed it with these 5 inch ceramic toys. I love the button eye look on the Slimer one, which (at least in pictures) is more apparent than the Stay Puft. According to the product description, he is sculpted to intentionally look “Sloppy, handmade, and knitted”, which I think describes Slimer anyway. He costs $11.99 and can be preordered right here!


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