HobbyLink Japan Has Toys Up To 90% Off (And Yes, There Are Lots of Robots)

It’s no surprise that here at Toy Wizards we have a soft spot for robots. And by soft spot, I mean full-blown obsession. And fortunately, our friends over at HobbyLink Japan understand the sickness wholeheartedly and are willing to indulge us for up to 90% off!

bann22449_0.jpgLike this sexy, sexy Bandai Voltron Mini-Pla on sale for $35- that’s $12 off the listing price!

There are over 5,000 items over at HLJ right now that are on sale, and like we said, some are up to 90% off! Some highlights include Gundam model kits, Dragon Ball model kits, Transformers, S.H. Figurarts, and more!

tkt97233_0.jpgThis Takara Tomy Masterpiece Rodimus Prime is on sale now for $48 down from its original $96– that’s 49% off the listing price!

The highlights reel from this amazing sale doesn’t end! Check out this huge discount on an Evolution Toy 1/60 scale Valkyrie from Macross II:

This lovely piece is marked down to $72– that’s 70% off its original $240!

See? The sky is the limit on what you can acquire from HobbyLink Japan right now! Star Wars and action figures are more your bag, that’s there too– we don’t always have a robot bias! Well…all right…that may not be entirely true, but toys of any flavor will always rein supreme!

And come on– what robot sale is complete without something from SSSS, Gridman, right?

meg82638_0.jpgThis radical set from MegaHouse is on sale now for $81, which is 50% off its original $162 price tag.

So what are you waiting for? Get browsing and don’t miss any of this amazing Autumn Sale!


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