Power-Con Offers A Limited Supply of 2019 Toy Exclusives On Sale Soon

Weren’t able to attend Power-Con 2019, the He-Man and She-Ra fan convention in Anaheim, California? Didn’t register for a non-attending membership for a crack at some of that sweet, sweet merch? You may have another opportunity to own some of the 2019 Power-Con toy exclusives!

There were tons of great items announced for Power-Con 2019 (which took place August 16-18 2019), such as wrapping paper, MUSCLE figures, shirts…but what many of us were after hardest were the action figures.

Now, according to Power-Con’s Official Website, they have a small surplus of remaining stock available for sale. However, the conditions on how to purchase are a little…verbose.

The long and short, instead of selling to resellers, Power-Con wants to sell the items directly to customers. However, shipping will be calculated after purchase, which depending on where you live, can be unpredictable. We would respectfully recommend to Power-Con to invest in flat-rate shipping boxes and charging a single domestic rate to avoid the headache of someone ordering toys and getting mad because they weren’t given a shipping rate at purchase. Plus, it just seems like a lot of extra work!

But bravo to Power-Con for giving He-Man/She-Ra/MOTU collectors the chance to own these cool convention exclusives. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated to those who don’t live near the show. Because on the real, that Starburst She-Ra is just gorgeous.

Be on the lookout for a pricing update and sales update next week– we will make sure Toy Wizards readers have the chance to participate in this amazing Power-Con exclusives collecting event!


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