KidsLogic Introduces Dragon Ball Z: Smash Battles Miniature Game

KidsLogic, the makers of the (nearly) life sized Robotech VF-1S cockpit and tabletop gaming miniature figures we featured, have a new surprise coming out way. They are making their official leap into gaming with Dragon Ball Z: Smash Battles Miniature Game.

There is currently very little information to report about this game other than it exists and the prototypes for the miniatures are stunning. The characters revealed so far are Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Nail. And a really cool looking die that looks like its made of amber.

The amount of detail in the characters faces and clothing is seriously incredible. There’s no anticipated release date or MSRP, but we will continue to report more about the game and KidsLogic’s process as the game comes nearer to completion.


From the Dragon Ball Z: Smash Battles Miniature Game Facebook:

Although we, Kids Logic (located in Hong Kong), have been in collectible market over 10 years, we are newbie to the Miniatures and Gaming world. Let me briefly introduce what we are doing here.

As an official licensee of TOEI Animation since 2009, we are an experienced manufacturer of PVC static figurines, polystone statues and mini trading figurines from Saint Seiya, Arale, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z etc. In this 10 years, we have been working with the most talented sculptors and high quality factories in the industry. In 2019, We hope that we can apply our design and production experience from collectible market, to create something high quality, fun and interesting miniatures and games. Fortunately, our DBZ miniatures and basic game rules are approved by TOEI Animation and Shueisha from Japan.

Officially licensed by TOEI Animation, Dragon Ball Smash Battle – The Miniatures Game is our first product in our gaming line. If you like to play superheroes tabletop game and are familiar with constructing teams of superheroes, engaging in a turn-by-turn battle on grid maps based on various storyline locations, then you won’t be strange to this new Dragon Ball Z game. This game is not only a miniatures battling board game, but it is also an entertainment of refreshing our memories of growing up with DBZ.

We will keep updating the pre-order date and the development process of the game here. Please stay tuned…

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