Japan To Start Publication on “Build Godzilla” Weekly Magazine

The great character “Godzilla” that Japan is proud of.
65 years after the release of the memorable movie Godzilla in 1954 Popularity continues to expand.
In the weekly “Making Godzilla”, the big-scale remote control model of the first generation Godzilla, the origin of all those Godzillas, is assembled using the parts that come with each issue.
1/87 scale = large model with a total height of about 60cm walks with its own power, frightens, and the back flickers!
Now, let’s experience a large-scale real Godzilla that you have never had before !!* “Godzilla will be created” will be completed with 100 No. (Remote control Godzilla body will be completed with No. 80)
Build Godzilla Weekly magazine, published by Deagostini. 100 issues, one per week, providing all of the parts to build a 60cm remote control Godzilla ’54 figure featuring sound and glowing effects, as sculpted by Yuji Sakai. The first issue was released at a special price of ¥490 and includes a promotional DVD. Subsequent issues will cost ¥1990
    • Issues 1-19 will provide parts for the figure’s mainframe.
    • Issues 20-34 will provide parts for the gear box including the figure’s tail.
  • Issues 35-59 will provide additional gear box parts, as well as the speaker configuration.
  • Issues 60-73 will provide parts for the remote control and LED assembly.
  • Issues 74-80 will provide the final pieces to complete the figure.
  • Issues 75-100 will include diorama parts for display.
There will also be parts included in various issues to create a diorama duplicating a famous publicity still of the original Godzilla holding a jet fighter. Issues containing these diorama pieces will cost ¥3500.
  • Issue no. 19 will include tank #1
  • Issue no. 25 will include cannon #1.
  • Issue no. 31 will include the jet fighter (cost of this issue is ¥2000).
  • Issue no. 37 will include cannon #2.
  • Issue no. 43 will include tank #2.
  • Issue no. 49 will include cannon #3.
  • Issue no. 55 will include tank #3.
  • Issue no. 61 will include the backdrop (approximately 36″x54″) and nameplate.
Purchasing issues 1-15 includes a mail-away offer for a 27×39 backdrop of the Yurakucho Marion Building as seen in the original 1954 film.
There is also a binder available to hold the magazines. Each binder costs ¥691 and will hold 20 issues.


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