Mr. Z Reminds Us That Cat Fear Can Be A Toy Too

Japanese toy maker Mr. Z has revealed an extensive line of 1/6 scale cats. The purpose of these toys are pretty cut and dry– they’re aimed toward people who set up doll houses, do toy photography, build model neighborhoods (like Adam in Beetlejuice) or people that just like to keep little miniatures of animals (I come from a long line of crystal-animals-in-a-case keepers).

I’m always saying that collecting is subjective. What you have in your toy collection is no more or less important that anyone else’s. You never have to justify it, explain it, or stand up for yourself if you’re a bin diver and like to keep Mac Tonight tchotchkes on your desk.

That said, be prepare for questions. People have the right to ask questions. And this particular resin cat miniature by Mr. Z is leaving me with a lot of questions.


Here’s the description of the toy from our beloved site sponsors HobbyLink Japan:

Mr.Z presents a new 1/6 scale cat as part of its Animal Statue Series! A great companion for scale dolls, this kitty is also perfect on its own for cat figure collectors. This version is an exotic shorthair with orange tabby markings. She’s posed crouched down, as though she’s been caught sneaking towards your food!

Maybe I’m not up on the magical art of “cat body language” but to me, this $55 resin miniature looks like it is seconds away from either clawing your eyes out or being hit by a car. Maybe HLJ is just being cute with their “sneaking toward your food” analysis, but to me, this body language looks like danger, hissing, and claws are about to happen. I’m not seeing any “Oops, you caught me!” happening in this scenario. I’m seeing the clock tick toward a proper mauling. I can almost smell that animal shelter scent of fear and cat litter emitting from this toy.

I’m not paying $55 to have my eyes clawed out!

Now granted, I’m probably looking at this all through incorrect eyes. You’re talking to someone who has been extensively exposed to cartoons and wild, overly expressive faces (her own included) since birth. Thus, when presented with a hyper-realistic cat, my warp brain sensibilities just don’t know what to do. That said, I’m looking at the other cat miniatures in Mr. Z’s toy line, and they all look pretty regular. I see their body language and immediately, my brain goes “Oh, yes. This is how cat goes cat.” But Mr. Crouching Murderface Exotic Shorthair up there? I have no idea what’s going on.

See? Just a small army of regular cats that smell like clean blankets, not fear-pheromones. But if a toy can not only make me question my reality, but my headspace and understanding of body language…

I’d say that’s a pretty good mold they cast.


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