FF7 Remake Figures Unveiled at 2019 Tokyo Game Show

From September 12th (Thursday) to 15th (Sunday), 2019, at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 (TGS2019) held at Chiba and Makuhari Messe (Business Day on December 13 and 13), figures, cosplay, etc. “Tokyo Game Show 2019 Bulletin Report”.

From September 12th-15th, the 2019 Tokyo Game Show was held at Chiba and Makuhari Messe. Many hobby related figures and toys were shown off and unveiled for their first to market debut. Among those were some video game figures…and some stand-outs among those video game figures were some sneak peeks at new Final Fantasy VII Remake toys and figures.

According to Hobby.Dengeki, at the Square Enix booth, the “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Release Commemorative Lottery” as well as many new Nendoroid items such as “Death Stranding” Sam and Cliff, “Fallout” Bolt Boy and “Persona 5” Haru Okumura were on display.

These figures are just amazing. They look to be about 5-7 inches tall, and in their prototype iteration, they are statues. Perhaps as time goes on they will be adapted into figures, but that doesn’t change how beautiful they are. I’m immediately drawn to the molding in their eyes. Once painted, those will pop in such an amazing way. For now, I think Aerith’s looks nicer than Sephiroth’s eyes, but you know what– this face is not complaining. I couldn’t make a better one.

But holy mother of goodness, look at these pixel-style old school Final Fantasy VII figures are just spectacular. It’s just so heartwarming to see these toys come right out of the screen, the manufacturers celebrating and loving a long-gone polygon art style that doesn’t receive as much love as the pixel art from yesteryear.

Lastly, there were a few final fantastical pieces of merchandise for Final Fantasy VII Remake on display at the Tokyo Game Show. There were pins, shot glasses, and illustrative cards…but at last…there were painted figures. And DAMN they are just gorgeous.

Toy Wizards will update when these toys, or versions of them, are available for purchase in Japan or if we receive state-side versions of them.


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