Walmart Creates an Exclusive 24 Volt Thunder Tank For Kids and Small Adults

Say it with me, everyone! Thunder Tank. THUNDER TANK!
This takes the cake literally it can go to your neighbors and steal the cake. I have dreamed about many toys but never thought I would see something like this. A full kid-sized mobile tank with working cannon shots, lights, and sounds blasting machine gun. This is a high point of toys here, people! This is a mini affordable tank.


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Light up the neighborhood with this NEW 24 Volt Thunder Tank Ride-On! Kids will enjoy hours of fun rolling thru the neighborhood or battling in their favorite outdoor adventure area! The 24 Volt Thunder Tank Battery powered rideon offers two forward speeds and one reverse speed with a max of 5 MPH. Features include a working cannon that comes with 5 plastic shells, a swivel machine gun with lights and sounds, and a manually rotating turret to help position the cannon towards the target! Holds up to two passengers with a total weight limit of 150 lbs and comes with a rechargeable battery and charger.
  • Feel the Thunder – Working Cannon shoots plastic shells as you feel the “boom” of thunder from speakers in the seat!
  • Swivel Blaster – Your passenger can man the multi-directional swivel blaster. Press the thumb button to unleash the lights and sounds – watch out for crossfire!
  • Rotating Turret – Manually spin the rotating turret to aim the cannon at your desired target.
  • Ammo at your fingertips – 5 shells are ready for action stored right behind you.
  • Load the cannon – Lift the loading door, pull back the lever, grab a shell, load the cannon, and release when on target! Boom!!
  • Lights and Sounds – Large red battle lights shine as you roll into battle. Authentic startup sound, cannon boom, and blaster fire. Cross fire also erupts during battle!
  • Rumble Tread – Unique tire tread provides tank like driving sounds!
  • Authentic Design – Military decals, front tow hook and rear tow hook all help your Thunder Tank feel like the real thing!


Action Wheels
Age Group
Age Range
3 years
Manufacturer Part Number
Contains Batteries
Assembled Product Weight
85 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
52.00 x 40.00 x 20.00 Inches


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  1. So, you won’t sell weapons or ammunition anymore, but you’ll sell this for kids??? Kind of ironic, don’t you think??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Kids with toy tanks dont behave as stupidly as adults do with real guns. Plus the tank shell only travels 4 feet.

  2. No walmart cant sell that, it has assault weapons on it and all the liberals might get offended and then they might have to take more of our rights away from us. Fuck walmart

  3. NO GUNS!! But TANKS!!! Aimed at children, can’t play cowboys and Indians , cops and robbers, anymore but hey let’s shoot them with a tank!!

  4. That is not a towhook on the front. Its the travel lock. Used to secure the barrel of the main gun so it does not move when the tank is being transported on flatbed trailer of railroad flatcar.

  5. My boys and I were walking in the toy section the other day they saw the tank, they said to your battle station dad theres a tank let’s get it lets get it. To my amazement sure enough there was a tank a life size tank built just for toddlers perfect size, but this time of year this dad is broke because of some kidney stones that came about and put him behind on some bills and a few other things like being able to buy this tank for his 2 little dudes. One day they’ll have it though, itll go great with the VW and the 4 WHEELER that they have. Every child should have a tank at age 4, and let there imagination go wild. Happy sunday everyone

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