Super7 Teases New Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Figures Coming Soon

With just a simple, iconic image Super7 let fans know that something amazing is in the pipline:

Screenshot 2019-09-11 06.10.59.png

Pee-Wee’s freakin’ Playhouse. Bam– right in the childhood.

However, there are some interesting factors in play when it comes to Super7’s return to Pee-Wee toys. You have to remember that Pee-Wee’s Playhouse was one of those television shows that had a spectacular amount of toys for it. From plush pull-string Pee-Wee dolls (which I always wanted) to ReAction Figure sized vinyl toys, and the Playhouse itself , Pee-Wee really was a toy line that didn’t leave anything out. I feel like this will either help Super7 with inspiration on what successful Pee-Wee toys can look like, or it will give them a starting point from which to do something completely different.

I’m ready for some Conky and Randy toys! Oh, and can we also get pointy-faced Globey from before his schnoz was redesigned? Does anyone else remember that, or is it my weird childhood fever dream, like Zoobilee Zoo?

Now, news of these toys isn’t 100% new. They were actually announced in 2018. But since Toy Wizards was in the mere embryonic phase back then, all we have is now. In fact, you can check out these images from where the man himself showed off samples of unpainted Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Keshi as well as card art for the Pee-Wee and Chairry ReAction Figures:

Other new Pee-Wee toys that exist are the Funko Pops! which are still available for sale right here, if those are of your flavor. You can buy Pee-Wee, Miss Yvonne, or a Chairry/Pterri combo pack.

Let’s also, just for fun, take a quick peek at some vintage Pee-Wee’s Playhouse toys so that we can all appreciate just how detailed and incredible this toy line was. Forget Snake Mountain– bring back the playhouse!

I’m not even kidding, I would buy that in a heartbeat.


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