Mego Corp Shows Off Terrifying Pennywise the Clown Figure

Just in time for Halloween, Mego Corporation has created our favorite killer clown as an 8-inch action figure. Pennywise, as based on the 1990 Tim Curry depiction from the original IT televised mini-series,  is a high quality figure that features real fabric clothing and 14 points of articulation. Now, this lovely nightmare figure isn’t completely brand-new, we’re aware. Pennywise was showed off this summer by Mego Corp. However, with the new IT Chapter 2 hitting theaters and Halloween just around the corner, we want to remind collectors that preorders are still open for this terrorific toy, and that Mego’s work and artistry seriously crushed it on this figure. The design and paint work on that face is just stunning!

Pennywise the Clown from Mego Corp has an MSRP of $12-15, is available for preorder today, and will ship this month September 2019.


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