Funko’s Savage World Thundercats Wave 2 Are An Affordable Way To Get Your Nostalgia Fix

Welcome to Third Earth – second home to the ThunderCats – following the destruction of their home planet Thundera.  These action figures are ready to reenact key battles between the ThunderCats and their chief antagonists.

Credit: Super7

I know, I know, you lost your mind when Super7 announced their line up of Thundercats toys. And that’s because they’re gorgeous and perfect looking. However, they are also rather expensive for the casual collector, ranging between $40-45 per piece included in the wave. You can also order the entire wave for $179.99. If you want the chance to snag Super7’s Thundercats figures, we recommend you get your hands on them quickly before preorders are sold out. Check out Super7’s wave of Thundercats figures here and preorder to your heart’s content.

However, today we’re going back to our friends over at Funko. Their Savage World line are chunky, stylized action figures that are readily available at Target and other retail stores. The body type on Savage World sort of resembles old He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys, so instant 80s nostalgia is already on the table.


Hense, presenting Thundercats Wave 2 from Funko’s Savage World line, as seen in the image above. Wave 1 included Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Slithe, and Panthro, all of whom are still available for purchase for about $10-$11 dollars today. Click on their names to go directly to their purchase pages.

Wave 2 includes Jackalman, Cheetara, Monkian, and Tygra. Each of them has an MSRP of $12.99 and will ship 4th quarter of 2019, so in the October-December range. You can check out their preorder information by clicking on their individual names. These toys are 5.5 inches tall and made of plastic. The toys come with designer blister card packaging, a retro design, and each comes with one weapon. Articulation is limited, but it’s there!

I think these are really nice, affordable alternatives to high-end collectibles that still look good on a shelf. Hell, for the price, you can give them to actual children and they won’t mess up your old toys. Everyone wins!


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