Zeta Shows Off New Images of Fully Transformed Zeta V-02 Core Star

Zeta reveals even more images of their “Totally Not Unicron, big dawg, totally not” figure. This baby will cost $200 and is nearly 19 inches tall. While I’m a big believer in supporting the original product and Hasbro’s monstrous Unicron creation, I can’t help but feel a little tempted by Zeta’s ‘pizza in the fridge at midnight’ version.

What would you, the viewers at home, do in this situation?


From Zeta’s Facebook page:

Zeta ZV02 Core Star Full image!
Head Height at 48cm, include die cast parts, LED. It is Fully Transformable. No parts needed to be detached or add on during transformation.
Expected to release in December 2019.
Stay tuned!


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