Zeta Toys Reveals ‘Totally Not Unicron’ ZV02 Core Star

Zeta Toys wastes no time.

Brand new on their website is a ‘totally not Unicron’ Zeta ZV02 Core Star.

Poorly translated from their Facebook posting:
The original plan was to wait until September 1st to start the new picture again, due to the change of things ahead until the weekend. The Zv02 Core Star Nuclear Star has officially released full body image, with an overhead height of about 48 cm, Ultra Alloy, LED. No backpack, no outer nail, fully incorporated; parts forming is not added, one transformation. I should have a good head. The shipping date is in December 2019, and it is recommended that the retail price will be within 1500HK ($200USD), and the business will start to accept the pre-order. More product information will be announced soon!

So, let’s see… HasLab’s $600+ or an all new, slightly smaller design with zero kibble and will still look amazing with my tiny legends scaled bots for $200?

Hmmm…what would you, the reader at home, do in this situation?


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  1. I’d have to go for the smaller one. $400 is a hefty gap, and the larger Unicron will be harder to store or display because of the size. I just don’t see an additional $400 worth of value in the larger version ($530 when I convert to Canadian funds). Paying over half a grand for a toy is already a pretty hard purchase to justify, so being offered a much more reasonably priced alternative that’s still pretty large and impressive is very hard to ignore. And that’s aside from any personal qualms I have with a billion dollar company holding crowd funding campaigns.


  2. I’d buy both
    Because I did on the pre orders
    Unicron is to me most iconic figure
    To be ever made in this format
    Big and small
    Now can you imagine
    To make a primus In those two formats
    But one insanity at a time lol
    But i would probably buy both if made


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