Toy Wizards Review: Funko Pop! Rides

Toy Wizards would like to thank Funko for providing us with two samples of Funko Pop! Rides for review. You can get your own right now at retail stores that carry Pops, or on Amazon today.

I’m always saying that Funko as an entity is one of the smartest toy companies out there. Regardless of whether or not you keep them in your collection, there’s no denying the collectibility and power of the Funko Pop! I personally love the way Funko does business, the way they divide their exclusive material and merchandise, and the way they’re able to predict and get the rights of just about every license there is out there. If any toy maker can satisfy fans in one way or another, it’s Funko.

So, even if the aesthetic of Pops! doesn’t work for you or you’re not a fan, Funko will manage to find a way to reel in new customers. And that’s exactly what they did with this line of Funko Pop! Rides.


Funko is super creative with this line of toys, and the word ‘ride’ is very broad. In the video above, we review 1950s Batman and Batmobile, plus Jon Snow and Rhaegal (with Jon posed in a very humorous position). On its way is Speed Racer with the Mach 5. And there’s also a figure of Game of Throne’s Night King fixed atop is zombie death horse. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Funko Pop! Rides are an awesome, high quality alternative to the standard issue Pop! toy. The cars, vehicles, and ‘rides’ are super detailed and the price point is great between $15-$30 dollars.

I give Funko Pop! Rides 4 out of 5 Wizard Stars!



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