Bandai Announces ‘Raideen The Brave’ Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figure

Raideen is mostly known in the US as a Shogun Warrior and giant toy from the late 70s early 80s. Beyond that it is a very well known Japanese Manga and Anime called Raideen the Brave. This was an essential super robot anime series. This Brave Raideen aired from 4 April 1975 to 26 March 1976, with a total of 50 episodes. Most of us never seen any of that. We got some of the toys and loved them.

Heck, I built a life around them.

This new jumbo is huge almost you could say jumbo sized or a small child. Standing 65cm tall or almost 26 inches tall. That makes me smile. Right now you can preorder this new modern Jumbo from Premium Bandai.

Cost 46,200 yen

Release date December 2019

Manufacture Premium Bandai

Product Details

Based on the setting image of the time, the giant robot “Rideen” with a total height of 52m, which appeared in “Brave Rideen” broadcasted in 1975, is given an original detail improvement using modern digital technology, and is about 65cm in height Commercialized as a soft vinyl figure. The coloring is also based on the impression of anime at that time, and each part is carefully painted to faithfully reproduce the beautiful coloring of Tricolor. It is a gem that you want to keep on watching as a work of memories that longed for a giant robot 44 years ago, and a thick and nostalgic atmosphere unique to soft vinyl.

Customers who make a reservation with Premium Bandai will receive an original character plate that can be used as a display!

* Photos and actual products may differ slightly.
* The color of the photo may differ slightly from this product.
* In the case of a large number of requests, we may change the delivery time and place an order again.
* May be sold at stores or events.
* This product may be sold overseas.
* The image is a prototype. Actual product may differ.

[Set contents]
-Raiden body
-Character plate

-Body: Height approx 65cm

/ Acrylic

[Country of origin ]

[Target age]
-15 years old and over

[Number of orders accepted]
1 per order Until

[Product Handling]
“Premium Bandai” and others undecided

[Distributor ] Plex Co., Ltd.


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