GameStop Is Having An Enormous $5 Action Figure Sale

GameStop is having another spontaneous price-slashing sale, and this time it’s for their action figures! Tons and tons of action figures are on sale right now for only $5. And for us Power Rangers fans, this includes the Bandai Legacy line! You can get either the MMPR figures, Zeo, or In Space. These also include the Build-A-Megazord, so you can finally afford to buy the toys, build the robot, and do whatever you need to do with the rest of the Ranger figures. Affordability yields choices.

Screenshot 2019-08-25 09.09.55.png
Presenting Gizmo newly cast in the role of Alpha 5

If you scroll, the sale goes on and on. It includes Funko pieces and even some Masters of the Universe Classics toys. However, there is a caveat that is very important to understand. Yes, there are tons of figures here for $5. But if there isn’t a store near you carrying something, you’re out of luck. This is an in-store sale, just like their Power Rangers sale and their $10 statue and figure sale. You can claim the item online for in-store pick up and get the sale price, but if your store doesn’t have it, then there’s nothing that can be done.

Happy collecting!


Credit to No Pink Spandex for bringing this sale to our attention!

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