Funko Shows Off Speed Racer in Funko Rides Series

Race for glory, friendship, and fun with a Pop! Ride Speed Racer with his beloved car, Mach 5. Round out the race with a Pop! Speed Racer wearing a helmet with a Chase, and Pop! Racer X!


Now, I know what some of you are thinking. “Ew, Pops. Those aren’t real toys. They’re for the masses. Real toy collectors don’t have Pops in their collections.” 

And you know what–that’s a fair outlook to have. I always say that toy collecting is subjective and you can own whatever you want. I personally have 3 Pops in my collection to date and I’m not sorry, nor will I defend them. They’re great pieces. But I’ve got to say that Funko found a way to appeal to a whole new flavor of collectors with this Funko Rides series. And seeing the Mach 5 in action is no exception– I might need to have this toy.


Speaking of Funko Rides, Toy Wizards will be holding a giveaway for the Funko Rides Batman and Bat Mobile, and possibly John Snow and his Dragon, so be on the look out for those!


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