Toy Wizards Review: Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection Goldar Figure

Goldar’s gonna get you tonight…

Destroy the Power Rangers and destroy the Earth! 

Don’t let Lord Zedd put a spell on your miiiiiiiind…

Please, ignore me– my nerd is showing.

Are you guys ready for a toy review?! Today, I am supplementing the above video review with some tasty written content. And we are checking out Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection Goldar action figure. It is a GameStop exclusive, though there are reports that you can pick one up on Amazon. You can pick up your own for $22.99, and let me tell you that it is worth every cent.


This toy is fantastic.

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection follows the Marvel Legends scaling model, and they all stand about 6 inches tall. Goldar comes with one weapon, the projectile effect, wings, and two pairs of hands. I personally found the ones he came out of the box with the be perfectly suitable, but if you need to change them, go on and live your best hand-grabbing life.


While some fans aren’t fans of the specific color of tarnished yellow/gold that Hasbro chose for Goldar, I love it. I think it contrasts his gray/blue face perfectly and the pops of red and green on his costume.


I love the detail on his wing’s feathers. I can feel the weight of Goldar’s hair on his shoulders. And one thing I was worried about in the video review above that has since been remedied is that Goldar can in fact stand! He’s pretty top heavy compared to some of the other Lightning Collection figures, but a little pop of the knees and he’s off and posing!

Speaking of articulation and posing, I think Hasbro got it pretty great with Goldar. If the joints are too stiff in your toy, you can run it under warm water to loosen it up, or just be really careful when putting pressure on the joints. But with Goldar, the feet move well, the hips are good, the elbows are a little stiff, but the shoulder joints are good. One thing I really liked was the extra moving ball socket in the attachment to the wings. It really helped because Goldar’s hair is covering one of the holes, but because of the joint in the wings attachment, you’re able to connect the wings in without issue.

I think one area of improvement could be in the paint where I’m craving to see a little bit of weathering effect or some battle damage. Like just take a pass with some Gundam markers or something and Goldar’s look would be elevated to the next level with an aesthetic that really pops. However, would Hasbro be able to do that and still keep the piece in the $20 range? That’s always something to ask when considering costumes and paint jobs.

Overall, this is an amazing action figure. The design, sculpt, paint, execution, and everything are just so attractive and menacing. Chunky and sturdy and deliciously terrifying, just like Goldar is supposed to be.

I give Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection Goldar action figure 4.5 out of 5 Wizard’s Stars.


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