Toy Wizards Review: UMake It Character Creator Action Figure

Toy Wizards would like to thank UMake It for providing us a sample of their Character Creator action figure to review.

The Character Creator toy by UMake It is an excellent ‘My First Customizable Action Figure’ for anyone, but I would personally give it to a child as a birthday present. In the box, you get a beefy bodied blank canvas toy that comes with two arms, two heads, two legs, and tons of stickers and decals for the face. In order to correctly draw on this toy, you need to use alcohol based markers and you can wipe it off and start all over again with nail polish remover or acetone.

Those with artistic ability can really do anything they want with this action figure. You’re really only limited by your skill and imagination. Or in my case, the how quickly your kid does or does not steal your toy.

Within minutes, my four year old daughter stole it, but I was happy to watch her enthusiastically create her own dude and give him “tattoos”. Once my son came home from school, he was excited to doodle on the character too. Everything was moving along nicely until my daughter asked me to help her change out the legs…and then shortly after I took the pictures below, the hip joint snapped off.

I’m very good at breaking things, so I don’t fully blame UMake It for the broken hip joint. I have snapped S.H. Figurarts hips and Swiffer Mops in my bare hands just by accidentally finding that one weak spot on the build and not being careful enough. That said, it may be something that UMake It wants to consider, and perhaps put something in their directions that you have to be slow and careful and maybe twist a little more before taking the legs off, because once that joint snapped off, the playability was somewhat…affected.

However, this is a cool toy and excellent idea. I would love to see what adult artists make with it, and I would love to see a table full of these scattered out while kids just scribble on them and play at a birthday party.

I give the UMake It Character Creator 3.5 out 5 Wizards Stars.


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